Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Nobody Needs to See This

Today I treated myself to this lovely container of dainties from Eats Encore today, as an end of the semester celebratory thing. Yes it was naughty, but sometimes a girl needs to treat herself to chocolate and a bottle of fake champagne. Oh My God, so good.

On a related note,

This is a post everyone is free to ignore. I am posting it to light a fire under my own ass about exercising more and getting in shape. I figure if I make pictures of the way I look now public, I'll be more determined than ever to change the way I look in the future. So. . .uh. . .avert your eyes or something if a somewhat overweight girl in her bra and jeans is liable to turn your stomach. This isn't meant to be like People of Walmart or anything, just a genuine attempt to use my blog to mark a starting point in my own journey towards physical fitness and better health. I'll be keeping you kids updated as I progress (though I doubt much of anything resembling exercising will be going on over the next week when I visit home).

Anyway, here they are. . .me, as I am now.

My mom will probably yell at me for having these up. Luckily, she doesn't check the blog often ^_^