Saturday, 7 April 2012

Cemetery Sign Fails

Not that death is funny or anything, but you've gotta love some of the silly signs put up in smaller cemeteries. I am reposting a pic I posted last year from my hometown cemetery, because I'm determined to share its ridiculousness with as many people as is humanly possible. More gleaned from around the internets will follow:

That'll keep the graverobbers, body dumpers
 and necrophiles at bay, fo' sho'

Horse problem? 

Nice of them to provide their phone numbers

Good to know

Dallas Cemetery: where the rules matter
(and nothing else does)


Oh good, now I know where to bury the old ass.

1) Good to know they have their priorities straight. Donations first and foremost
2) Trespassing before 6 PM is A-OK, though
3) No Guns!? What about when the zombie apocalypse happens. What then, Collinsville!?

K, I'll shut up now ^_^

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