Thursday, 26 April 2012

Concert Night!

On Friday after I got in to Saskatoon, we went to a combined indie concert held at an Anglican church. Although the crowd is maybe not "my crowd", all three bands were good. I was already familiar with Andy Shauf's work, and the Fisticuffs and the Jordan Klassen band wowed me. This latter in particular did some very interesting things with their art. All three bands had a pleasant folksy feel, with Andy Shauf being the most mellow, Jordan Klassen's band being the most upbeat and up-tempo (though you wouldn't know that listening to the EP, lol), and the Fisticuffs falling somewhere in between. For anyone interested, I'm going to post a couple examples of the music we listened to. 

Andy Shauf - (From Regina, SK)  The Devil
The Fisticuffs - (From Saskatoon, SK) Would You
Jordan Klassen - (From Vancouver, B.C.) Kindness EP

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