Sunday, 8 April 2012

The Most Awkward Man

Recently watched Ghost Rider Two: Spirit of Vengeance with the man-thing (his idea). It was surprisingly much better than the first. Not amazing or thought-provoking cinema by any means, but the jokes were good, the female co-star was hot, and the story actually seemed to get better as the movie progressed (weird, huh?).

Still, the role of Johnny Blaze is not one I have an easy time reconciling Nic Cage with. He is too old. His face is too naturally serious. He doesn't know how to act (then again, comic book movie, maybe not a pre-requisite -- I'ma get burned for that one ^_^u).

All in all, the man is just too AWKWARD to be playing a motorcycle riding, molten chain tossing tormented soulless creature of divine retribution.

Johnny Blaze

I don't know if its just me, but I don't see the similarity. 

More pics of Nic Cage being awkward promoting ghostrider: 

"You want me to hold my arms naturally? Like this?"

"Oooh! Naturally!. .. 
Like this!"
"But if I don't crouch behind
the poster, how will people
read it?"
"Bless you, my son"
Promoting Sorcerer's Apprentice, Cage shows that his awkwardness is contagious: 

Not only is the man himself awkward, but so are his fan sites. Here are a few gems I found around the intarwebs:
-Cagealot Castle: Where Nicholas Cage and Awesome Collide
- Nicky's Vixens: The International Nicholas Cage Fan Forum
- Dean's Nicolas Cage Fan Page
- Nick Cage Fan Club

More awkward Nic Cage:
- Nic Cage as Everyone << bahahahaha
- Awkward Fan Art 

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