Saturday, 19 May 2012

Restaurant Eduardo Duluth

Had a girls night out last night, and continued that elusive quest for good, reasonably priced restaurants in Montreal.

Restaurant Eduardo Duluth fits the bill.

 Located at 404 Avenue Duluth Est (which is a lively but not overwhelming street off of Saint Denis), Eduardo's is an Italian restaurant that has a distinctly family feel. Like a smiling Italian grandmother might walk up to your table and goad you on, "Eat! Eat!"

Don't be fooled by the less than stunning exterior: inside, Eduardo's is decorated in a very nifty, incredibly cozy "cottage" style of dark aged wood (wood errywhar!). There are a number of quirky little touches which add to the homey feel of the place: crayon drawings from child patrons up on the wall, and inexplicable cartoons of scaly monster things (think where the wild things are) on the bathroom doors.

Its also byob, which is great. Coming from SK, where a night drinking at a bar is bound to leave you bankrupt, and minus the left eye you used to pay for that last bottle of Keiths, I heartily approve of anywhere I am allowed to bring my own cheap alcohol and not pay restaurant prices.

And now for the food. We started with warmed and breaded cheese (fondue, minus the due?) which was soft and flavorful and delicious (and nummy, too), and some herbed bread, which seems to be a house specialty, and is quite good.

For mains, I ordered cheese tortellini with rose sauce. I won't lie, deciding what to eat was kinda interesting due to my stupidity when it comes to french, but I was pleased with my choice. The sauce was rich, tangy, and irresistable. The tortellini was packed with cheese. I ate all of it. OM NOM NOM. I'd like to go back and sample their spaghetti, I think.

Also, the prices are good. My share of the bill, all told, came to $13. It is so hard to find good food in Montreal that isn't expensive, but Eduardo's is one of those places. I will definitely try to get back there, perhaps on a shopping day sometime in the coming month.

In other news, hope everyone has a great long weekend! I have a park to go sit in. Ciao!

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