Saturday, 26 May 2012

At the park today

Let me just say I love Westmount Park. Its got such a good vibe. I went there today, and apparently it is Westmount Family Day, so there was all sorts of things going on. . .food vendors and clothing vendors and information booths and music and three massive bouncy castles and rock climbing walls and a zip line over the pond, and rafting lessons. I enjoyed wandering around looking at everyone enjoying the fun. Then found a quiet spot to sit and read for a bit, then found another quiet spot to doodle and write a bit. So, I might as well share what I doodled and mused.

A flash of light
in bleakest night 
a rap on cellar door
bar lifted
meaning shifted
in durance held no more

I flew with you 
through twilit valleys
and felt what it was to feel
and now you show me my reflection
where by your pool I kneel

My eyes my skin
my mouth my ears
my stubborn jaw
and drying tears
leave the water unrippled

All things tripled
a phrase, a thought
a taste of woodsmoke 
and dimness 
in this shadowed grove
are what you show

You are me
and we are three
Holy Spirit
The music was always here
for my ears
to hear it

I follow you 
barefoot back
as twilight slips 
from rose 
to gray
to black

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