Saturday, 26 May 2012

My little world

Went garage sale-ing today, and bought a mirror for my room, finally. Hung it, cleaned room, hung a couple of other pictures, and now, after almost a year, its starting to feel like home. So, I decided to share some pictures of my little space, complete with mattress on the floor, microwave-turned-bedside table, and plastic dresser. If you don't find me handsome. . .

New mirror, and shoe collection!

plastic dresser is classy

I love my window. I love how big the ledge is.
 I love that it opens inwards.
 I love that there is a vine growing into my bedroom

Sleeping on the floor is cool.

Detail of the mirror. Hand crafted in Quebec from pine.
Artist's signature on the back. Not bad for $15.

poorly hung pictures :D

me chillin' 

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