Thursday, 19 July 2012


Colcannon is a painfully Irish dish involving potatoes, cabbage (or kale), green onions (or leeks), mounds of butter, and sometimes milk. It is essentially a tasty variation on mashed potatoes, and after skimming a few recipes, this is the one I settled on (and only $5 for the veggie ingredients, say thankya).


*An Irish number of potatoes. Now, remember there was a famine. Most recipes call for a pound of potatoes, but in honor of the famine, I settled for two large ones.

*An Irish amount of cabbage: about half a head (the other half of the Irish head is typically reserved and  filled with whiskey)

* An Irish amount of butter: That's a lot of butter, folks

*An Irish amount of green onions. Okay, I cheated here. I really like green onions, so I chopped up two stalks. The Irish like it bland, but I don't.


Boil dem potaties, then add in your cabbage just as the potaties are about done, so it all gets about finished at the same time. Drain out the water and mash up the potaties and the cabbage with a whole lot of butter until you have something the consistency of mashed potatoes. Once this is done, mix in the minced green onions. Serve with a melted butter-filled hollow of deliciousness in the middle.

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