Tuesday, 5 June 2012

S.J. Perelman, Pt. 3

"Alaunia Alaunovna dropped a small curtsy. The young man, a pitying expression on his face, picked it up and quickly returned it to her. She gave him a grateful glance named Joe."

"For years I have let dentests ride rough-shod over my teeth; I have been sawed, hacked, chopped, whittled, bewitched,, bewildered, tattooed, and signed on again; but this is cuspid's last stand"

"We became good friends and it came as something of a blow when I heard the next morning that he had fallen of the train during the night. The fireman said that we had circled about for an hour trying to find him, but that it had been impossible to lower a boat because we did not carry a boat."

"My brokers, Whitelipped & Trembling were beside themselves"

"The basket of slave bracelets and marzipan awaiting me on my return home made me realize to what lengths Diana would go."

"Diana turned on her radio. With a savage snarl, the radio turned on her."

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