Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Decided to poke around in a British TV show featuring one of my favorite English cuties, this guy:

And a less derpy screencap of Andrew Lee Potts:

Also featuring this gal: 

So what's not to love? (Well, apart from the poor animation of the "monsters", and rather bland writing). 

The story revolves around the opening of a number of wormholes to prehistoric times, which allow various kinds of scaleys and creepy crawlies through to wreak havoc upon human kind. Our heroes, a professor on a quest to find his missing wife, his assistant, a conspiracy theorist geeky student (guess who plays that), and a girl with a way with reptiles (see pink undies above) work along with government agents to study these critters, and keep them from doing harm. 

While not overwhelmingly *good*, its not overwhelmingly *bad* either. And, I'll admit it, its kinda addictive in a lighthearted sorta way. 

Anyway, more screencaps! 

My two favorite characters 

Plus the other two

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