Sunday, 9 June 2013

Words and phrases from fiction we need to use in daily life

Totally going to let my inner geek free here today and list off some of my favorite words and phrases from science fiction and fantasy which I think should be applied in daily life. What got me thinking about this was the new Syfy show Defiance, which makes use of a number of loanwords transferred from alien tongues into English.

So, lets begin with Defiance:
Jaja - money
Shtako - Shit
Uses: "Keep your jaja, I don't need that shtako"

Rhapsody Trilogy:
Hrekin - Shit (exclamatory)
Uses: "Hrekin!" *spits*

Shiny - Little harder to define, but I'ma go with "cool" or "good" or "just fine". Others have defined it as meaning "valuable".
Uses: "Everything's just shiny here"

Wheel of Time Series:
Blood 'n Ashes - generalized curse-phrase
Uses: "Blood 'n Ashes, we'll never get there on time"
Light - Another generalized exclamatory, akin with "God!"
Uses: "Light will it, we will be home for dinner"

Harry Potter Series:
Merlin's beard - An exclamation of surprise
Uses: "Merlin's beard! I've lost my Knuts"

Warehouse 13:
Whammied - An expression for what happens when an artifact is used on you/backfires on you.
Uses: "I just got whammied; the top came off my blender"

Doctor Who:
Wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff - a phrase denoting something which is too complicated to be easily explained at that time.
Uses: "Daddy, what are you doing with the engine?" "Wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff, son"

That's all I got. Can anyone donate more?

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