Sunday, 20 January 2013

Signs You Might Be From Saskatchewan

Okay, okay, its been done a thousand times, I know. But I'm bored and a little homesick, so I'ma do it anyway: Signs You Might Be From Saskatchewan

1.) This . . .

. . .is a " little brisk"

2.) This ... 

. . . is t-shirt weather

3.) You have gotten drunk off of this. . .
 . . .repeatedly.

4.) Additionally, pilsner is not a variety of beer, its a brand name.

5.) Your car/truck/SUV/tractor/ ATV looks something like this:

6.) When someone asks you if you know Bob from Saskatchewan, the answer is probably yes. He's probably your uncle. 

7.) You never have trouble finding something green to wear on st. patrick's day. 

8.) You have spent more than an hour talking about the weather in one sitting.
9.) Six hours is a short drive
10.) Hills go down, not up. 
11.) You automatically give the awkward two-fingered steering wheel wave when you pass someone on a gravel road, regardless of whether you know them or not - - regardless of what province or country you might be in. 
12.) This . . .
. . . counts as a scenic drive.
13.) This . . .

... makes you feel a little nostalgic. 

14.) This is probably the best youtube video ever:

15.) This looks like home:

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