Monday, 20 February 2012


The art of palm reading. Its old. Ancient. The earliest known account of it is about 400 B.C.E, but some hypothesize it may have started even earlier than that in India. Does being old lend it credibility? No. But it is interesting when cultural practices can persist over thousands of years, long after the original culture has died out.

So tonight, its fun with palmistry!
Right Hand
Left Hand

Left hand (the dominant hand) reflects myself, my individuality, and my potential
My right hand represents what I was born to.


Squarish, slightly spade shaped hand indicates a practical person with a need for positive action.
The thumb is placed fairly high up on my hand, indicating that I am careful (check)
Long fingers indicate an attention to and fondness for details.
The ink on my left hand indicates that I write too many damn study notes

Left Hand:

Lifeline: Feathered head, perhaps indicating mental health issues, however apparently I will have good health for most of my adult life.

Fate Line: Low on my left hand, and fate, indicating that much of my childhood was sacrificed to the will of my parents, something which shaped my personality

Heart Line: I have the capacity for adoration, and enjoy demonstrating my affections both verbally and through actions. 

Head Line: loooooonnng. That means I R SMART. . .or some shit. Huge gap between my head line and my life line here means I am an independant thinker, or have the potential to be. Aww yeah.

Right Hand: 

Life Line: more solid a line than on my left, perhaps indicating that I was born with a predisposition to better health than what I have given myself. Bad life decisions, poor health.

Fate Line: clear, descending from the head line: I will obtain success later in life 

Heart Line: Similar to Left, though not as strong. Perhaps loving is a learned trait.

Head Line: Long, but with an interesting dip in it. Maybe a genetic predisposition to altzheimers later on or something :/. My head line separated from my life line early on, which means I stopped learning from my parents at a young age (lol, true)

For anyone who's interested in a succinct guide:


  1. my head line and heart line are not connected.

    And my head line branches into two on both hands.

  2. Branching head line is supposed to mean that you can see both sides of every situation, and are pretty broad minded :)