Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Popular Music

Top Five Songs IN AMERICA:

#5) Brittney Spears "Till the World Ends"

This Kitten Got Your Tong Tied In Knots I See
Spit It Out Cuz Im Dying For Company . ..

#4) Ke$ha - Blow

I'd make a cartoon here, but the lyrics speak for themselves:

"Hahahahahahahahaha! Drink that Kool-Aid! Follow my lead! Now you're one of us. You're coming with me . .. Tonight were taking over.No one's getting out. This place about to blow. Blow! Now what?
We're taking control!"

#3) Black Eyed Peas "Just Can't Get Enough"

The Black Eyed Peas attempt to cover all of their bases in this song of love:


Boy I think about it every night, and day
I'm addicted, want to jump inside your love
I wouldn't want to have it any other way
I'm addicted, and I just can't get enough


Honey got her sexy on steamin
She give the hotness a new meanin
Perfection, mami you gleamin
Inception, you got a brother dreamin, dreamin
Damn baby I'm fiendin
I'm tryin to holla at you I'm screamin
Let me love you down this evenin


We LOL back and forth on the text line
She got me fishin for her love, I confess I'm..
Somethin 'bout her smile and the convo
Got me high and I ain't comin down yo
My heart's pumpin out louder than electro
She got me feelin like MR. ROBOTO

#2) S&M - Rhianna

Mixed messages: 

# 1 ) Katie Perry: Extra Terrestrial 

Pickup lines: Katy Perry Style...

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