Sunday, 28 September 2014


In honour of nuit blanche which was held here in Saskatoon last night, I decided to try some strange arts this morning. It didn't turn out splendid, but it was fun. I scribbled a bunch of nonsense on saran wrap, folded it over, taped it into a frame, and then held it up to the light to see what could be seen.
Its almost like a fucked up landscape. Almost.

Observations from/about Saskatoon's first Nuit Blanche:
* Great use of social media. Having the twitter feed projected on the side of a building was a very cool idea
* Blacksmithing is a mind-blowingly great idea for a nuit blanche , combining the light show element with live art-making. 
* I now have a thing for fire dancers in baggy pants
*Outdoors exhibits are preferable to indoors ones
*Noise pollution makes for an irritating artform--and this from someone who listens to Nine Inch Nails on a regular basis. 
*Nonsensically dancing in a crowd is a great way to keep a bubble of personal space
*Librarians are still cool. 
*Mexican food is exciting
*The Canadian Light Source fails at lights. 
*Finding a free mixed tape is awesome, even if you don't have the wherewithal to play it. 

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