Saturday, 4 May 2013

Who is Clara (Oswin) Oswald?

Not gonna bother explaining Doctor Who or the current season here . . .it wouldn't make any sense if I tried. It barely makes sense if you're familiar with it. So, this post is targeted directly at my Whovian friends:

Who is Clara (Oswin) Oswald?

first of all, she's a very pretty girl
There is an epidemic of theories flying around the internet--everything from Rose somehow driving Clara into the Doctor's path for unknown reasons, to Clara being a creation of the Great Intelligence as a lure to the Doctor. My favorite, though, is that Clara is a relative of the Doctor's. A granddaughter, or great granddaughter.

Reasons Clara is The Doctor's Granddaughter:

1.) Rings of Akhaten: In the Rings of Akhaten, Clara asks The Doctor if he had ever been there before. He responds that yes, in fact he had visited with his granddaughter, once. That he has a granddaughter at all is mentioned little enough, and Moffat is subtle enough, that this was likely not just a casual drop.

2.)Families Across Time:  In Hide, the notion of family across time is introduced 

      Doctor:  No, you can’t have met but she can be your great, great, great, great, great granddaughter. Yours too, of course. But you guessed that already, didn’t you. Oh. Apparently not. 

      Palmer:  The paradoxes 
      Doctor: Resolve themselves, by and large. That’s why the psychic link was so powerful. Blood calling to blood, out of time. Not everything ends. Not love. Not always.

It makes sense, given this rather heartfelt statement on the part of the Doctor, that if he has family drifting through time (perhaps family unknown to him, and unknown to them) they would be drawn together. . .again and again. . .

3.)Gallifreyan Ties: Journey to the Center of the TARDIS: This is the episode most rife with suggestions as to why Clara could be the doctors great/great great granddaughter. One of the major ones (as was pointed out to me) is that Clara was able to read the book of the Time Lord Wars . . .presumably written in Gallifreyan , the only language (?) which the TARDIS cannot parse for its passengers. That Clara can, unaided, read Gallifreyan perhaps indicates that there is some of that blood in her. 

Also, and this is just a silly girl intuition thing. . .Clara stated that the hug the Doctor gave her towards the end of the episode felt quite nice. I don't think this was in the typical "companion irresistibly attracted to the Doctor" sense, I think this was in a girl looking for Family sense. Or that's sort of what her expression implied. 

4.) Other things:
      - Clara can give the doctor a run for his money, intellectually, in all three of her timelines. Who else has been able to do this, apart from other Time Lords? Not many. 
      - Of all of the companions, Clara is the one who matches the doctor most in personality. Her thirst for adventure, cleverness and comprehension, and sense of self sacrifice (in many ways, the children she nanny's for are microcosm of The Doctors relationship with humanity) match The Doctors almost exactly.
      - Self sacrifice, death, and rebirth.I know that Clara's rebirths are not pure regenerations like The Doctors, but there has to be some reason this is happening, and I can't think of what it is apart from some sort of Time Lord heritage. 
      - The TARDIS doesn't like her. Okay, stretching here, but we know from The Doctors Wife that the TARDIS is as possessive of her Time Lord as he is of her. The TARDIS did not really view the other, human companions as a threat, but for some reason Clara is. Perhaps the TARDIS fears that Clara, as the new Time Lord on the block, will take over the controls. 

      Which, in fact, she does. The TARDIS allows Clara to drive her, in Hide, when the Doctor (for once) needs saving. (Come to think of it, The Doctor has needed a lot of saving lately, hasn't he?). The reason I draw attention to this is that the fact that Clara was able to operate the TARDIS at all, singlehanded, after so little time aboard, is no mean feat. Oddly, this piloting occurred off camera. Could Clara's Time Lord genetics have played into her piloting abilities?

To be fair, I'll present a big glaring huge affront to my theory. Clara has parents. We have seen her grow up. She does not just regenerate, fully formed, sans memories. Although, if she *is* the Doctor's granddaughter, I'm sure this apparent birthing through human parents can be Moffated into something that sort of makes sense. 

Anyway, happy pondering, Whovians!


  1. I noticed that during the episode that Clara's parents were shown in, the mother's favorite catch phrase was "oh my stars!...".

    Do you think that this is just a coincident or could she be some sort of alien? Or is it just me dreaming? Which could just be the case. :P

  2. I think nothing Moffat does is done casually ;)

  3. There are so many throwbacks. The imagery of the rose shows up far too often to be coincidence. The references to Clara possibly being a Time Lord of some sorts -- I'm not sure if I'm ready to commit to her being Susan Foreman yet -- and the one thing that I'm still completely clueless about: The persistent use of music in some way in almost every episode.