Thursday, 18 October 2012


Further evidence that fits of nostalgia are never a good thing. I have been having fragmented memories of a movie from my childhood involving an elvis-like rooster, and a flood. So, I googled "rock rooster movie" and immediately found Rock-a-Doodle.

As with many things from childhood, this movie, when viewed from the eyes of adulthood is TERRIBLE. More than that, its DISTURBING.

The movie features a cast consisting of:

* A neurotic pig
* A crack-head magpie with a lasagna fetish, and claustrophobia.
* A dog who can't tie his damn shoes.
* An evil overlord Owl who does cross-stitch in his spare time
* A slutty pheasant who subsists on valium
* An Elvis impersonating Rooster.
* Owls of varying sizes (they get large and shrink for no real reason).
*A bad mother: *shakes fever stricken son* EDMOND, EDMOND SWEETIE WAKE UP
*An abused and mentally unstable owl nephew
*A main character who gets turned into a kitten for no real reason, wears a davey jones cap, has a horrible speech impediment, and dies from it.
And a mouse. . .there was a mouse.

Moral of the story? Don't walk down memory lane.


  1. The dog can't tie his own shoes? Why is he wearing shoes at all!?!?!

  2. I forgot to mention the overweight cigar smoking weasel and his pink cadillac