Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Seven Wonders of My World

A few things that never fail to stop and leave me breathless:

1.) Unconditional love: So rare, but so beautiful when found. Unconditional love is truly one of the most beautiful things in the world, whether it be unconditional love between a couple, between parents and their children, between friends, or between a boy and his dog.

2.) Optimism: The world can be full of downers. As someone who has struggled with depression, I find optimism, especially optimism in the face of adversity, to be an amazing thing. People who are consistently optimistic, while sometimes irritating to the more cynical really deserve respect for trying so hard to keep it positive.

3.) Tenacity: Tenacity is amazing in the same way optimism is. When life gets you down, and you keep getting back up and punching life in the ovaries, you're tenacious. And worthy of being one of the seven wonders.

4.) Creativity: Think about it. How cool is it that human beings can create whole worlds, or detailed works of art, or soul-touching music with our minds, eyes, ears, and hands?

5.) Sensitivity: Almost as rare as unconditional love, the ability to intuit what another person is feeling and, maybe more importantly, to interact with them accordingly, sensitivity is another wonderful capacity we all have (though not everyone practices).

6.) Laughter: Really is the best medicine. If you have the ability to laugh, and make others laugh, count yourself doubly gifted.

because for me, he embodies all of the above <3

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