Friday, 16 March 2012

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Watched this film last night when I ought to have been in class. I won't give you a synopsis of the plot here. If you want to know what its about, check out the imdb page. I will warn you, though, should you decide to watch it, this is one of those movies that will give you a severe case of the "ugly cries", as a friend calls them. 

This isn't really a review, more my thoughts on the overarching metaphor the film produces. Those of you who have seen it will understand, those of you who have not, well, hopefully this won't ruin it for you. I view this movie as a metaphor for life in post 9-11 America. The idyllic world and its dreams have died, leaving nothing but riddles and a desire for fulfillment. Our forefathers are mute victims of their own mistakes, and our mothers must take on the roles of our fathers as the traditional family disintegrates. Paranoia abounds, and the scientific mind tries to find reason where there is none. We are all lost and searching for a way back to what we had, but what we had is gone. The path to redemption is through acceptance of loss, acceptance of change, and through understanding each other. Our shared experiences are what will help us through.

Seriously, watch it. And bring Kleenex. 

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