Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Nibelungenlied: Chapter 17

So, the hero is dead. Where can the story possibly go from here, for another twelve chapters?

Lets find out. . .

Chapter 17:
The nasty Knights bring Siegfried's corpse back to the castle, laying it out in the corridor where Kriemhild is sure to trip over it on the way to Matins. (insult to injury?). For some reason, neither the chamberlain, nor any of Kriemhild's attendants recognize the hero, saying: “What if’t a stranger were?", but Kriemhild knows the corpse is that of her husband. She also knows who did the evil deed: Hagen, under the encouragement of Brunhild.  (so much for hoping to hide the murder, guys. Maybe if you hadn't dumped his body in the hall outside of Kriemhild's room, that might've worked out better for ya).

All of her attendants / did weep and wail enow
With their beloved mistress, / for filled they were with woe
For their noble master / whom they should see no more.

(Jesus, two minutes ago they didn't know who the man was)

A messenger runs off to alert the Knights of Nih (er, Niebelungenland) of their leader's death, and another goes to tell Siegfried's father.

One thousand, one hundred knights, a king, a queen, and her attendants all gather in the hall (big hall) and weep over Siegfried. It is very loud.

Group therapy session over with, Siegfried's knights arm themselves, and prepare for battle with Gunther's forces. Kriemhild is afraid they're all gonna die (well, its all her own damn fault anyway). She convinces them to wait to fight another day, and focus instead on burying Siegfried in a big ol' gold casket.

At the funeral, Kriemhild accuses Gunther and his men of the murder. They deny it.
Gunther: "it was. . .uh. . .robbers"
(NICE SAVE, Gunther! robbers, who dumped the body in the hall outside of Kriemhild's chamber)

For three days, and three nights, Kriemhild and the Nibelungenlads watch over Siegfried's corpse, making certain it doesn't reanimate. Then they put him in the ground.

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